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Gear Review: Wildgame Innovations Vision 8 Lig... 25 July 2016

Gary Elliott takes a look at the new Wildgame Innovations Vision 8 Lightsout Trail Camera. Looking for a new Trail camera? This model is certainly one to consider.

Gear Review: Crosman’s New Airbow 24 July 2016

There are no strings or limbs, and the full length, hollow arrows fit over a metal cylinder at the end of the barrel, above a reservoir of compressed air. The Airbow is 33.5" in length and just 2" wide, so it is easy to handle and feels good in your hands.

ATA Board Releases Position Statement on Airbows 24 July 2016

While the ATA certainly recognizes the airbow to be an innovative piece of shooting equipment, the airbow lacks basic components of standard archery equipment. For this reason, the ATA does not consider airbows to be archery equipment. Bowhunting.net applauds this ruling to ensure archery equipment and seasons stay true to the sport.


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