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Crystal Gauvin: My Favorite Places to Travel fo... 30 November 2015

Crystal Gauvin, a top five World ranked compound archer, has traveled the world in the past three years in her quest for archery medals and titles. Thankfully, she kept her camera with her, and documented the amazing places she’s visited! Check out Crystal’s perspective on her favorite places to travel for archery: “I’ve been blessed […]

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Video: Canadian Brothers Rescue Bald Eagle 30 November 2015


Michael and Neil Fletcher were hunting for grouse when they went into a wooded area near Sudbury, Ontario, where they ended up finding quite a different bird than they were after.

The hunters said that while walking through the snow near Windy Lake last Tuesday, they discovered a bald eagle caught in a leg hold trap.

"It was attached to a stake and the eagle was trying to fly up, but it only had a foot of slack in the chain," Michael Fletcher told The Sudbury Star.

It was impossible to know...

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Video: Chainsaw Sculptor Carves Fighting Caribo... 30 November 2015

chainsaw 1 2

The image of a traditional sculptor may be someone with a chisel and stone, but a chainsaw and wood sounds a whole lot cooler. When Alaskan carver Jordan Anderson wants to do something big, he uses several hundred pounds of old spruce log.

"A sculpture for the books. I had to wait a while to carve this idea out, worth the wait for sure," Anderson wrote when he originally posted the video, which is now going viral.

Anderson spent his childhood building custom log homes with his father, so it was only natural for him to use his skills for art. The carver said that his first project was a...

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