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The BAREBOW! Chronicles: Compound Trouble at Sk... 16 September 2014

chap 31

As outfittter and bush pilot Greg Williams spiraled his Cessna downward, banking sharply to the right, my insides felt uncomfortable from the additional pressure, and my hands grabbed my knees in white-knuckled protest. I looked at Greg questioningly. His right arm shot in front of me, finger pointing out my window. “There’s a good bull standing down there in that old burn area,” he shouted, above the roar of the engine. “Look for the lightest-colored thing you can see, and that will be his paddles.”

Almost immediately I spotted the big moose 400 feet below us---stationary,...

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Big Boy 10 Pics 16 September 2014

I just finished reviewing a bunch of pictures because I remembered taking pictures of a nice 10 point buck last month.

Raised Hunting’s Easton Takes a Redemption Bl... 16 September 2014

Raised Hunting's Easton never hesitated, he whispered as he is nocking his arrow, “I can make this shot dad” and in an instant the arrow is gone and we knew he had delivered a perfect shot


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