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An Empty Quiver: Chapter 14. A Field Guide to ... 25 September 2016

Cows and small bulls fed past me at forty to sixty yards. The direction they were moving meant they would soon get our wind. The herd bull brought up the rear, harassing a cow and eating grass. I put the range finder on him at forty-two yards, but he just would not move into the open.

Elite Archery Offering LIMITED EDITION: Custom ... 25 September 2016

LIMITED EDITION: ELITE Archery and Realtree announced a Limited Edition run of ELITE Impulse series bows commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Realtree® Original™ camouflage pattern. If you want one you have to move quickly because there are only 30 of each model and when gone, they'll be gone.

VIDEO: Bowhunting Rabbits – Catch And Cook 24 September 2016

Bowhunting rabbits is as fun as it gets. And cooking and eating them over a campfire in the rabbit hunting woods is definitely the thing to do. And the TaraDara Bros have a super recipe for cooking rabbits on a spit that tastes fantastic.


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