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Dr. Roto Video: Super Bowl XLIX Preview 30 January 2015

Dr. Roto looks ahead to Super Bowl XLIX. The New England Patriots versus the Seattle Seahawks. It's the former dynasty against the new dynasty. Should be a great game.

New Hampshire Considers Prohibiting Use of “G... 30 January 2015

New Hampshire officials are among the first consider whether computer-aided firearms should be banned from hunting.

The New Hampshire Game and Fish Department held a public meeting on Thursday to discuss a possible ban on certain devices' use in hunting, including live-action trail cameras, drones, and "guided" rifles. According to the agency, there are concerns in the sporting community that these emerging technologies could violate the principles of fair chase.

“We need to establish rules regarding these fast-changing technologies to make sure that people understand that their use for hunting is not appropriate or ethical,” said New Hampshire Fish and Game Department Law Enforcement Chief Martin...

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Contrasting styles, mutual respect 30 January 2015

Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are very different in handling their teams, but each has found success. They and their players talked about the differences that make up the Super Bowl XLIX coaches.

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