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A Life Saved 28 November 2014

Well this is where the morning went bad in a hurry. I stood to hang my bow and take one last look behind me. Just as I turned back to hang the bow my tree stand straps snapped and down went the stand, down went my bow, and down I went only to be stopped quick, thankfully, by my tree harness.

YES, I'M STUPID! 27 November 2014

I’VE SAID IT BEFORE and I’ll say it again. If you hunt from a treestand without wearing a safety harness, you might as well wear a great big sign that reads “Yes, I’m stupid!”
Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

How to Bag Yourself a Windy Day Whitetail 26 November 2014

Deer like to spend time in the corn, and windy days allow you to move through the corn without spooking deer. It’s common to get remarkably close in these windy conditions.

It’s no secret deer do not like to move as much on windy days. The more wind; the less they move. But don’t let that make you stay home, in fact the wind opens a new set of opportunities if you know how to make the most of it.

An older fellow from my neighborhood named Jim helped me get started in bowhunting by toting me around to hunting spots. He knew I had a hard time sitting still so he admonished me with this unforgettable bit of advice, “When the deer are on their feet, you stay put and let them come to you; when the deer are bedded down tight, that’s when you go to...

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