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Master Archer – Howard Hill 29 April 2016

One of the greatest archers of all time, the video of Howard Hill showing his trick shots with a bow. Not to be missed.

Life and Death in the Deer Woods 29 April 2016

NORTHERN INDIANA BOWHUNTER Gary Howard died in the early morning darkness while walking to set up his portable treestand. Incredibly, another hunter mistook Gary for a deer and shot an arrow through the heart at a distance of not quite 10 yards.

Are You The Next Big Buck Hunter? 28 April 2016

Photo Credit: DailyMotion.com

You’ve heard about people sourcing their own food, but you’re not ready to take the plunge and be a bowhunter. Some good news: You can try it from the comfort of your favorite arcade, wing place or – if you’re “of age” – happy-hour spot. Sort of. Game developer Play Mechanix released the coin-operated “Big […]

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