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Why You Shouldn’t Trap and Transfer Deer 22 May 2015

Dr. Dave Samuel discusses the practicality of transplanting deer as opposed to hunting deer to control deer herd numbers.

Can You Find The Deer? All The Deer? 21 May 2015

FIND THE DEER #1: As the afternoon sun gets lower the sunlight reaches out through the woods. You notice movement on the edge of the woodsline near you. Can you find the deer? (And how many are there?) Scroll Down To Verify You Saw Them All… There are two bucks.

Texas Hunter Pays $350,000 to Harvest Rare Blac... 21 May 2015

A hunter from Texas finally harvested his black rhino about 18 months after he first won the auction for the permit.

Nearly a year and a half ago the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) put a rare chance to hunt a black rhino in Namibia up for auction, a decision that the organization said would pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into conservation for the species.

The DSC said that funds from the hunt of the bull (which was no longer of breeding age and was dangerous to young males) will go toward patrol vehicles and training that local wardens needed to prevent criminal poaching.

Nevertheless, the auction was highly controversial.

Animal rights organizations opposed the idea of hunting for conservation...

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