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Hunter Fends Off Grizzly by Shoving Arm down It... 5 October 2015

Sticking an arm down the throat of a bear is regarded by some as an effective last-ditch tactic for fending off an attack.

There are few animals in North America as frightening as an adult grizzly, and if one of these massive animals get it in their heads to attack you, your day just suddenly got a whole lot worse. Twenty-six-year-old Chase Dellwo was expecting to bag some elk in the Montana backcountry near Choteau last Saturday, but a chance encounter with a bear ended with him sticking his arm into its roaring mouth instead.

That decision may have saved his life.

According to the ...

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From World University Games, With Love 2 October 2015

Carli explains:  "There were college athletes from all over the world playing sports such as water polo, basketball, volleyball, fencing, etc.  The second thing I enjoyed most was that the Games offered free tours so the athletes could explore the Korean culture, values, and religious views. We traveled to several temples and religious grounds to learn more about their spiritual principles and ways of life.  Everyone we met in Korea was extremely nice and tried to be helpful."

With autumn in full swing, pumpkin spice lattes brewing and everyone excited to put on flannels and boots, it’s fun to look back at the summer and reflect on the things you did. But for Garrett Abernethy and Carli Cochran, archers from the University of South Carolina, it was a more exceptional summer than most. […]

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Video: Bear Wants to Join Hunter on Ladder Stand 2 October 2015


As you can probably expect, this hunter is not too enthusiastic about sharing his stand with a bear. Marshall Keop of Minnesota recently posted this video of a bear approaching a ladder and trying to climb it. Whatever camo the hunter was wearing obviously did the job it was supposed to, because the bear appeared to have no clue that the structure was occupied.

It was probably just thinking about how considerate it was for someone to install a ladder for its use.

In situations like this, identifying yourself and speaking loudly but calmly at the bear will often get it to turn around....

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