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The Best Way to Fletch Your Arrows 7 February 2016

  Goat Tuff Products is famous for its superlative Cyanoacrylate archery glues, shaft cleaners, Opti-Vanes, GT CLAW Bow Carrier and revolutionary Equalizer Release Aid and now they are bringing it all together with their unique GT Arrow Fletcher. The GT Arrow Fletcher is a compact, easy to use fletching tool designed with ‘True Contact Design’™ (TCD). This […]

Bowhunting Moose With Pappy Stu 7 February 2016

Archery Moose Hunting in British Colombia, Canada with bowhunter Pappy Stu.

Running Rut in South Texas 7 February 2016

      I cannot tell you how many times, living here in Texas,  I’ve looked forward to a “Blue Northern” blowing in during December or January.  This is the trigger Whitetails are looking for to throw the Bucks into a full blown rut!  This is when the Whitetail World turns upside down here in […]


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