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The Science Behind Archery: Launching a Perfect... 19 August 2014

The science behind archery

The scientific stats for Olympic-style archery are amazing: Hundreds of thousands of arrows shot. Over four tons of cumulative draw weight. And an arrow launched through the air, cruising for the ten ring – a perfect shot – at speeds greater than 150 miles per hour. Gravity. Kinetic energy. Arrow trajectory. It’s all here in this video, featuring Olympic […]

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Video: Leopard Forgets How to Ambush Warthog 19 August 2014

leopard ambush

Not every hunt in the animal kingdom ends with a successful harvest. Even predators as fearsome as the leopard have their off-days, and sometimes they simply mess up. A video posted on YouTube by Kruger Sightings shows what should have been a pretty one-sided ambush between a leopard and his prey. After almost two minutes of stalking, the cat makes its move and, well, something obviously went wrong. It may be that the warthog was larger---and much more intimidating---than the leopard expected, or it simply lost interest. Whatever the case, the video is worth a watch.

This footage was...

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Laurel’s Coues Deer 19 August 2014

The love of the hunt, the thrill of the shot and choosing the right outfitter added up to one incredible hunt for this Arizona lady bowhunter.


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