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Winston: I Can Be the Face of this Franchise 3 March 2015

Jameis Winston explains some of the details of his visit during an exclusive interview Buccaneers.com.

Georgia Bill Aims for Open Season on Wild Hogs 3 March 2015

A new bill seeks to lift hog hunting restrictions in Georgia.

Like most states with a feral hog population, Georgia has relatively lax regulations on hunting invasive swine. Yet that does not mean that there are no restrictions at all---especially on public land. Currently, sportsmen are restricted to certain weapons depending on the season, prohibited from night hunting, and cannot shoot pigs from a vehicle. A new bill in the Georgia house would do away with these restrictions, vastly expanding the options available to Georgia hunters.

“This [bill] would make the feral hogs not ‘wildlife.’ They’re a nuisance is what they are," the bill's...

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Hayne taking risk to pursue dream with 49ers 3 March 2015

Former Australian Rugby star Jarryd Hayne is joining the 49ers to chase a life-long ambition.

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