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You Won’t Be Asking ‘What If’ When you Bu... 2 September 2015

The RAZR is the latest example of Barnett's revolutionary thinking, and it was born when an engineer asked the simple question, "What if the crossbow frame did more than just hold the riser and limbs?"

Idaho Bowhunter’s Backup Gun Saves Him from G... 1 September 2015

One Idaho bowhunter's sidearm likely saved his life during a recent trip.

At least one Idaho bowhunter is now thankful that the state allows archers to carry handguns while hunting.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reported on Monday that a bowhunter was attacked by a grizzly bear in Caribou-Targhee National Forest earlier that morning. The 55-year-old man, identified as Mike Adams, apparently encountered a sow with three cubs while hunting for elk. He was able to use a .44-caliber handgun to scare the bear off, but sustained severe injuries to one arm. Despite...

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Florida County to Use Sheriff’s Deputies to H... 1 September 2015

One sheriff's office in Florida will be gearing up to hunt hogs in 2016.

How big is the feral pig problem in Florida? Big enough for at least one county to consider sending its sheriffs hog hunting. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Hillsborough County officials have included $40,000 in their 2016 budget proposal to help control the county's hog population. The plan is for the sheriff's office---aided by the Conservation and Environmental Lands Management Department---to hunt the pigs...

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