Rcherz - our dream to support young archers

Posted on: 15 January 2013, 1:28

All tools we have built recently into www.rcherz.com are great help for target archers, but now we are coming with even more crazy dream.  

It just popped in my head during long flight back to Europe from the ATA Show :-)  


So what is the dream? 

We want to help archery training centers and national federations to monitor form of their young archers and help them with organization of competitions (including live scoring of competitions).  

We are looking for partner, which will help us to sponsor scoring devices, which will be shipped to selected clubs, archery schools and archery training centers.   


We don't ask single dollar for us, all will be shipped to the right hands and back to community.  


Our plan: We will buy few hundreds of Android Tablets (max $100 per device) branded with logo of rcherz.com and logo of our partner. All tablets will be used to score all competitions organized by the club or training center.

Archers will be able to score also private practices and coordinate their effort with their coaches.  


Our sponsor will get free marketing space on our website (www.rcherz.com) and also for the future we will remember who supported us at our beginnings.  


Do you know anybody in the archery industry, who cares about young archers and could help us with our dreams?    


It would be great, if we will be able to start something big together.


Check the following gallery with picture of the tablet we've just received from China as a sample before we will make the order of first 200 pieces.

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Viktor Zeman
15. januára 2013 0:21:59
On other hand I want to hear also suggestions of clubs and organizations, which you think should be sponsored with scoring devices.

We are looking for clubs and organizations, which are scoring a lot of competitions during the year.
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